Meetings with the Legislative Assistants for Healthcare for Representative Eric Cantor & Senator Tim Kaine and members of Essential Tremor support groups in Richmond & Falls Church, Va. on January 24, 2014

We first met with Molly Newcomb, the Legislative Assistant for Representative Cantor. She stressed the Congressman’s support for health-related research. She also said that he was particularly interested in helping children. She said that financial commitments for the foreseeable future must be weighed against the overall fiscal picture in respect to the federal deficit. The personal stories told by each in the group, vis-à-vis, impact on quality of life, anxiety, social avoidance, etc., were well received by Molly. She seemed genuinely sympathetic to the plight of ET sufferers.

We next met with Kristen Molloy, the Legislative Assistant for Senator Kaine. I was surprisingly impressed with Kristen’s grasp and use of clinical nomenclature with respect to health care issues. She too was receptive to the life-experience stories shared by the group, and the occupational challenges that ET imposes. She agreed completely with the notion that ET, as with other conditions, needs to be examined/researched from a holistic vantage point. I genuinely believe that Kristen will continue to be a very sympathetic ear.

Michael McChord                                                                                           Falls Church Essential Tremor Support Group