September 19, 2015 Symposium Speaker – Aqueasha Martin

One of the speakers at the September 19 symposium at Holy Cross Hospital will be Aqueasha Martin speaking about a research study that they are conducting at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Picture of computer mouseAbstract

Many graphical user interfaces are not accessible for individuals that find it difficult to use a mouse or other pointing device.   In this talk, I will introduce research that focuses on designing assistive technology for people that find it difficult to use pointing devices (e.g. computer mouse) due to age or physical impairment.  We use a human-centered approach where we engage individuals with varying pointing abilities in the design process to get their feedback to improve our designs.  Using this approach we hope to improve the future acceptance of our technology with these population.  The long-term goal of this research is to make computer and Internet access universally accessible to all users and to help individuals become or remain independent computer users for as long as they wish.