Hope for all of us with ET

HopeNetWe have had little on the blog for the last couple of months. That does not mean that we haven’t been busy. Quite the contrary, some very important things are in the works.

Prior to the “Essential Knowledge – Gaps in the field of Essential Tremor” conference held at NIH in May of last year, I spoke with Dr. Katrina Gwinn, the principal organizer of the conference. We both agreed that there must be follow-up to the conference. I can assure you that there has – with more to come.

One of the intangibles that has occurred is a greater recognition that we with ET need more attention. In and of itself, it is very important. HopeNET was founded on the central theme of hope. Let me assure that there grounds for hope today.

Three principal themes – Common Data Elements, more research into differentiation of the movement disorders, and Essential Tremor Centers of Excellence – are coming together to create a joint basis for making real progress with ET.

Let me assure you that the ET researchers with whom I deal, recognize and empathize with what we have to face in life. They do see the impact of ET on the quality of our lives.

I am excited about the future. There has never been a better time for ET research, and many of you know I would not have said that several years ago.

Stand by for tangible, good news. It will be here shortly!