Senator Statement in Support of Neurological Research Funding!

HopeNET has been working with Ziky Ababiya, the Legislative Assistant for Health Care for Senator Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. We have had many phone conversations, email exchanges, and meetings. Ababiya has been very helpful. In the process, she has been responsive, informative and attentive to our needs – during very trying times.

Senator Van Hollen wants to implement a bill that would direct the CDC to surveil all neurological disorders to be more informed regarding each. This is a very important issue to Essential Tremor as there is practically no epidemiology for it. Without more information about ET, it makes it very difficult to achieve better treatments and ultimately a cure.

The following is a statement from Senator Van Hollen’s office regarding the bill.

Senator on Funding

Tai Chi For Essential Tremor Class Update

Tai Chi for Essential Tremor is focused specifically on reducing complications related to ET by increasing balance, calming the body/reducing stress, and increasing functional mobility.

This class is intended for individuals with ET and their spouses or caretakers. It is led by T. Sean Vasaitis, PhD, MS EHS. Vasaitis has taught tai chi at the UM Center for Integrative Medicine since 2005, and directs the Alternative Medicine course at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore School of Pharmacy.

Class meets 3-4pm on Fridays and Sundays, August 4-November 13 (no class Sept. 1, 3, 8 or 10). Leisure World fee: $15; register at Clubhouse II.