American Brain Coalition Board Appointment

I was just elected to the board of the American Brain Coalition – It is a real honor. I will take my position on the board at the fall membership meeting in San Diego for a three year term. While advocating for all neurological disorders, it will give me an opportunity to increase awareness of Essential Tremor as well as CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth). Rose¬†Schooff is the person behind HopeNET’s website. She has spent many selfless hours on it. I can not express my appreciation enough for what she has done. Rose has CMT as does her son and grandson. CMT is similar to ET in that it is neurological, hereditary and few know¬†what it is.

Kathleen Welker of TAN deserves all the credit for my being on the board. It was her idea to begin with. She nominated me and then wrote a glowing cover letter. She & I continue to work closely for the benefit of those who have ET.

Being on the board of ABC will expand my exposure to what new brain research is being conducted and provide contact with researchers & clincians involved in every aspect of the brain. Provided I can grasp it all, it should result in you getting more extensive and meaningful information.

Always feel willing to contact me with any suggestions you may have.

Peter Muller
Executive Director