Essential Tremor Meeting Saint Louis, MO

Photograph of Peter Muller speaking at St. Louis meeting.
Peter Muller

Peter Muller made a presentation to the two St. Louis Support Groups at St. Luke’s Hospital on May 19th. It was well attended. Due to a notice in the newspaper, several people who had not previously been to one of our meetings came. Also there were Caleb Eaton and his father, Robert. Please note the accompanying article on Caleb.

The presentation centered on the symptoms and treatments for Essential Tremor and what is happening in the research world to address these. Peter also spoke about HopeNET and what it is doing to increase awareness of Essential Tremor. There were some very good things that came from the meeting.  My neurologist called to tell me that one of his patients told him that she had learned so very much from Peter’s talk.  The Doctor then called me to get the name of the Doctor who could tell him more about the Focused Ultrasound System (ExAblate 2000).  This leads me to believe that some doctors are as interested in learning more about Essential Tremor and its treatments as those of us who have ET.  Several of the regular members of the group phoned me after the meeting to tell me how much they appreciated the meeting.

Also, Peter’s visit and his talk encouraged the people in attendance to know that there is hope for development of more  and better ways to treat Essential Tremor, and that it is the responsibility of each of us to participate in raising awareness about ET in order to promote funding for research.  In summation, I believe that the presentation energized our group and made all of us aware that there really is hope…..but that we must all work for success!

Mary J Fitzpatrick
HopeNet Board Secretary
St. Louis, Missouri

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  1. I am a sufferer of ET. Do not see any support groups around the Tampa, Fl area.
    Are there any? I live 20 miles north of Tampa. If you are aware of such groups, l
    Please let me know. Thank you.

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