Caleb Eaton

Photgraph of Caleb

Caleb Eaton, the 13 year old son of Robert and Kathleen Eaton has had Essential Tremor since he was 2 years old.  He just completed the 6th grade and is doing well.  Kathleen has made great effort to learn about ET and to take what she has learned to Caleb’s teachers, counselors and to other people at Hazelwood West Middle School.  The school is attempting to get some technology that will help Caleb with writing, etc., when he starts 7th grade next fall.

Because of Kathleen and Robert’s efforts, and Caleb’s strong will to succeed, he is doing well in school and is happy to know that this picture of him and this information may help other young children know that they are not alone and that they too can triumph over ET.

We, here at HopeNET are so pleased with Caleb’s progress and wish him success in all his endeavors.  We also understand that without the help of his parents, things would be much more difficult.

Mary J Fitzpatrick
HopeNet Board Secretary
St. Louis, Missouri