Caleb has entered the seventh grade…..

As part of our ongoing effort to increase awareness among those involved with children with Essential Tremor, we will be following the experiences of Caleb, a boy with Essential Tremor, as he goes through the seventh grade.

Caleb Eaton has entered the 7th Grade! He recently turned 13 and is waiting to get some assistive technology to help with all the note taking and papers that the 7th grade requires. His mother, Kathleen, received his updated IEP which includes allowing Caleb the use of an assistance device. She and Caleb are still waiting, but know he will get help soon. We will let you know when and what he receives to help him continue his success in school.

He was inducted into The National Honor Society while in the 6th grade. He has definitely come a long way! We all wish him a fun and successful 7th grade.

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3 thoughts on “Caleb has entered the seventh grade…..

  1. Hi, This is Caleb Eaton’s Mom with an update on Caleb. He received an academic award and a plaque for reading over 12000 pages. He finished 7th grade with excellent grades! He’s come such a long way from when he was a toddler. The use of a forte’ to help with his writing greatly benefitted him. Anyone with a child that has ET should consider talking to his educators about the use of a forte’. In the coming year, as Caleb begins 8th grade, I know that the forte’ will greatly benefit him. If there are any parents out there who have a child with ET, please feel free to contact me at my email address or on facebook. My email address is Also, if any children who have ET would like to chat with Caleb, he also has a facebook account. Hopefully, there will someday be a good solution to help people with ET, child and adult alike. Take care, everyone. Thanks, Kathleen Eaton parent of Caleb.

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