Caleb October 2012 Update


On October 18, 2012, Caleb’s Mom met with Caleb’s Language Therapist and the Computer Access Facilitator for the Special School District. The Facilitator also has Essential Tremor which made her more aware of the challenges that Caleb deals with on a day to day basis.  After discussing Caleb’s needs, it was decided to get him a Fusion.  A Fusion is a small, less than four (4) pounds, word processor with a keyboard that will allow Caleb to type and store notes and assignments. He will be allowed to take the Fusion home to use it to do his homework, which can be printed out by a printer at school.

They set a date to meet at school on October 29th. The meeting will be to teach Caleb, his Mom and his Teachers how the Fusion works. This will be a giant step for Caleb.

Moving ahead to October 29th. When they met, they found that the Facilitator had a surprise for them. In addition to the Fusion, she brought an updated version of it, the Forte’, which is even lighter weight than the Fusion. Caleb will be the first one to use the Forte’. When Caleb came in from his class, the Facilitator showed him, his mom and his teacher how to use the Forte’. There is also a set of head phones, and he can use a flash drive to save work he has done on the Forte’. The Forte’ is basically a miniature word processor, that can also talk back to him so that he knows he has typed in the correct information. It is also equipped with spell check, and a carrying case.

Caleb is pleased and happy with his Forte’.  He can keep up with things in class without so much stress and finish his day without being so tired.

Mary J Fitzpatrick
Support Group Leader
St. Louis, Missouri

Fusion web site

Caleb has entered the seventh grade…..

Caleb Eaton

Essential Tremor Meeting Saint Louis, MO