Essential Tremor Symptoms and Treatments

Stethoscope representing treatment of Essential Tremor


Proposed working definition of ET



Medically Established Treatments


AAN Evidence-based guideline update: Treatment of essential tremor (2011)

AAN Practice Parameter: Therapies for essential tremor (2005)

Alternative/Naturopathic Treatments

Nutrition and Treatment of Tremors

Herbs and other nutrients to support nervous system health

Association between low ferritin and ET? (Anemia Message Board)

Doctor answers in Comments section to help in understanding of ET


Effects of acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, hypnosis on ET


Experimental Treatments

MRI guided focused ultrasound treatment


Study of the effects of ET on balance and/or gait

Study of hearing impairment in essential tremor population

Study of correlation between essential tremor and migraine headache and/or vertigo

Study of the effect of ET on brain cognition and whether it is a neurodegenerative disorder

Identification of a gene and/or likely cause for ET

Tips for handling social anxiety brought on by tremors and that aggravates tremors

Study of depression symptoms in ET