Cala Trio for Essential Tremor

Have you heard of the Cala Trio? If not, there’s lots to learn. Cala Trio is different than E-stim or TENS.  Cala Trio is designed to deliver just enough bioelectric stimulation to reach the median and radial nerves under the wrist to penetrate and stimulate those nerves and interrupt the tremor cycle. This not like using a TENS unit where the goal may be to turn up the TENS stimulation as high as the patient can comfortably tolerate to relieve muscle pain. TENS has a local effect and pain immediately returns after therapy stops.  Cala Trio provides stimulation calibrated to the patient’s individual tremor and provides meaningful tremor reduction on average for 96 minutes after therapy ends.

Their product link, has several patient testimonials and additional product information.

Doctor Discussion Guide.pdf   This is a very helpful PDF that can be printed to use during conversations with your physician about Cala Trio.

Finally, The Cala Trio Customer Success phone number is 888-699-1009. Customer success specialists are available to answer any questions regarding this novel therapy Monday through Friday, 10AM to 7PM Eastern / 9AM to 6PM Central/ 8AM to 5PM Mountain / 7AM to 4PM Pacific.  Their Success Team is dedicated to providing quality support as patients learn how to manage their hand tremor using Cala Trio.