New therapy enters Phase II testing

Sage Therapeutics is about to begin Phase II testing of Sage-324 for Essential Tremor. There is a lot to learn about the way Sage is thinking about Neurological Disorders on their corporate website at:

Is there any correlation between Essential Tremor & population density?

*We know stress increases ET symptoms

* Experiments with lab rats/mice show greater aggression and stress indicators in high density populations. 
* Observation of human populations show similar traits. 
* Repeated stress can enhance long-term ET. 
– Is there a greater incident of ET, per 100,000 of population, in urban environments vs rural?
– Is there a means to measure this?
– Since survival mechanisms can be genetically passed on, is it possible that repeated stress triggering ET will increase probability of future generations with ET?
– Again:  Is ET an offset survival coping mechanism (reaction time / intuitive capability / shutdown – not reacting) to deal with repeated high stress situations that don’t allow immediate physical responses?

Hi ET Community,

December 1 will be a watershed event for HopeNET & Essential Tremor. In addition to the play, Swimming with Kate, which is our fist step in increasing awareness of ET especially among doctors, there will be a distinguished panel of doctors – Drs. Haubenberger & Fishman. In August 2016, Focused Ultrasound was performed on me. Dr. Fishman was the neurologist. Dr. Haubenberger has subsequently studied the result. He & his team then created a poster. They displayed the poster at the annual Movement Disorder Society in June in Hong Kong (find it attached). As you can see, it has my MRI’s taken prior & post the procedure. This is your opportunity to ask questions about this treatment as well as others for ET.

Don’t miss this!

— Peter



Essential Tremor Conference GoFundMe Campaign

It is important that HopeNET continue to play its advocacy role not only with the public but also with the medical community. HopeNET needs money to fund its role in the conference. We are asking for $4500.

Essential Tremor (ET) is the most common tremor in the world. It affects 7 million Americans. Yet very few people know what it is. It is commonly confused with Parkinson’s – another movement disorder. The lack of awareness has a direct impact on the amount of money being spent on research for the condition. In fact, not one medication has been developed to date to treat Essential Tremor.

HopeNET played an instrumental role in getting NIH to host a conference on Essential Tremor. It will be held May 11-12 at the NIH campus. It will bring together the key researchers on ET from across the country as well as some international experts. I expect positive developments resulting from the conference. In conversations I have had with members of HopeNET’s medical advisory board, they too share my optimism.

Peter Muller, Executive Director