Caleb . . . December 11, 2012

It has been about six weeks since Caleb received his Forte’. I talked with him today to see how things are going and what he thinks about it.  Caleb said he is very pleased with his Forte’.  He said that it is great for writing compositions and doing projects.  It eliminates him having to erase, and he can do spell checks and corrections so quickly that it really speeds up his writing.  His teachers believe it has helped him quite a bit, but that he could use it more. Caleb said that the homework that in the past took him thirty minutes, he now does in about ten minutes.

Some of Caleb’s comments about the Forte’ are, “It is very helpful for people with hand tremors.”  He says he uses it most for his work in Social Studies and Communication Skills and that the other kids wish they had one.  And  . . . Oh yes, he really likes it!

Mary Fitpatrick
St. Louis Support Leader

Caleb October 2012 Update

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Caleb Eaton

Essential Tremor Meeting Saint Louis, MO

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