Essential Tremor Conference GoFundMe Campaign

It is important that HopeNET continue to play its advocacy role not only with the public but also with the medical community. HopeNET needs money to fund its role in the conference. We are asking for $4500.

Essential Tremor (ET) is the most common tremor in the world. It affects 7 million Americans. Yet very few people know what it is. It is commonly confused with Parkinson’s – another movement disorder. The lack of awareness has a direct impact on the amount of money being spent on research for the condition. In fact, not one medication has been developed to date to treat Essential Tremor.

HopeNET played an instrumental role in getting NIH to host a conference on Essential Tremor. It will be held May 11-12 at the NIH campus. It will bring together the key researchers on ET from across the country as well as some international experts. I expect positive developments resulting from the conference. In conversations I have had with members of HopeNET’s medical advisory board, they too share my optimism.

Peter Muller, Executive Director