Meals on Wheels

Sandwich cut in halfMy shaky hands make it increasingly tough for me to prepare my own meals, and I was startled when a friend suggested an obvious source of help – Meals-on-Wheels. They now deliver two meals at about 11am every day except weekends, and I pay them monthly what amounts to about $4 per day. What do I get? An entree with two vegetables wrapped in a tray and aluminum foil that I transfer to a dinner plate and microwave, and a nice sandwich saran wrapped to preserve its freshness. Add to that a container of skim milk, a roll and butter, a dessert, fruit, and sometimes a mixed salad and dressing. The wonderful friendly people who deliver are also a daily check on the well-being of my aging self. How did I get started? I went on-line and was referred to the local chapter. When I told the pleasant receptionist about how my shakes often caused much of my meals to end up on the floor (you know about that) and that I take a blood thinner that makes using knives a potentially bloody experience, she was happy to sign me up for Meals-on-Wheels, and my deliveries started the next day. It’s been a great help and I am most grateful to them.

Walter Ebmeyer

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